Spring Mountain Ranch is thrilled to announce two new home communities in Riverside, Monterey and Capistrano and by KB Homes.


KB Home, the builder of Presidio Point and Mission Gate, is pleased to offer two new home communities at Spring Mountain Ranch. KB Home listened to what home buyers are looking for, and is excited to be a part of these two beautiful new communities. Spring Mountain Ranch is equally excited to be partnering again with KB Home because of the builder’s stellar reputation for quality of workmanship and design. The new communities, Capistrano and Monterey, promise to bring a fresh perspective on design to the already stunning Spring Mountain Ranch and will share the neighborhood benefits of the new home communities already built here.



The Capistrano community will offer homes in both Spanish and Spanish Colonial architecture. Six spacious one- and two-story models will be built here, ranging in size from 2,329-3,734 square feet and offering three to six bedrooms, 2-4.5 baths, 2-3 car automatic garages, and open floorplans. Exceptional standard features in all models include granite kitchen countertops, 9-foot first-floor ceilings, and tankless water heaters. And of course, as with all homes that KB builds, they will be ENERGYSTAR® qualified. Depending on the model, additional standard features include walk-in closets, kitchen islands, Moen® chrome faucets, and flex space. The homes will be priced in the $400,000s.



The homes at Monterey will be built in Spanish architectural design and will range in size from 1,575-2,773 square feet. The six one- and two-story models will hold three to six bedrooms, 2-3 baths, 2-3 car automatic garages, and open floorplans. As with Capistrano, granite kitchen countertops, 9-foot first-floor ceilings, and tankless water heaters will be standard. Exceptional features will depend on the model, and will include walk-in closets, 6-panel interior Colonist doors, upstairs laundry room, open loft, and Moen® chrome faucets. These ENERGYSTAR® qualified homes will be priced in the $300,000-$400,000s.

Community Benefits

What makes these communities great, aside from spacious, beautiful homes, are the benefits that come with living at Spring Mountain Ranch. The peaceful and quiet neighborhoods are bordered by the Scenic Riverside foothills. Community amenities include a basketball court, sand volleyball court, BBQ and picnic areas, and over six miles of pedestrian trails.

Location, location, location

We all know that location is everything, and Spring Mountain Ranch has it. With convenient access to the Riverside Metrolink® station, I-215, Hwy. 91, I-10, and Hwy. 60, the community is just four miles from University of California, Riverside and close to Loma Linda University Medical Center, Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, and Galleria at Tyler.

Learn more

If you want to be kept in the loop about when construction will begin on Capistrano and Monterey, join the interest lists for the communities. We didn’t have enough room here to describe all the wonderful details of these two new communities at Spring Mountain Ranch, so to learn more call the sales office at 951-274-0139, and a representative from KB Homes will be happy to talk to you.



Tips for Saving for Your Down Payment on Your New Home in Riverside, CA

Keys to Your New Home

You want to buy a new home, but think it’s out of your reach? It doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, smart decisions, and discipline, it can be done. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. The minimum amount you’ll need to save for a down payment for your new home in Riverside, CA depends on your financing. Traditionally, a down payment is 10-20% of the cost of a home. This amount can vary, so talk to a loan officer to determine exactly how much you’ll need to save. Whatever that amount is, you can do it. It’s all a matter of finding ways to save and rethinking your budget.

How will you do this? The best way to achieve any goal is to have a solid plan. Here we’ve developed a step-by-step plan that can work for anyone. Clean up your credit. Know how much you need to save and set a time goal. Create a separate savings account just for your down payment. Lower as many monthly expenses as possible to free up money for saving. Save windfalls.

Clean up Your Credit

There are three simple steps to cleaning up your credit. First, get copies of your credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies; you are entitled to a free copy every 12 months. Next, review your reports, looking for anything that is inaccurate or incomplete. The third step is a little more involved, but very important. Send a dispute letter to the Credit Reporting Agency detailing all inaccurate or incomplete information on your credit report. Need to just build your credit? The quickest way to do this is to pay off the full balance on all your credit cards every month.

Know the Amount of Money you Need to Save and Set a Time Goal

Budgeting is all about being informed and open-minded. Once you’ve spoken to a loan officer and know how much you need to save, set a reasonable goal for how much time it will take you to save this amount of money. Give yourself as much time as you think you’ll need, but don’t set your goal too far into the future, as you might get discouraged with the amount of time you think it will take. The key is to set reasonable expectations for yourself; you’re much more likely to achieve your goals if you don’t set your expectations out of reach of what you can realistically do.

Create a Separate Savings Account

Set up an account that is dedicated to helping you save for your down payment. Sit down with a calculator and determine what percentage of your monthly income you can realistically set aside, then place that money in your dedicated savings account every time you get a paycheck. If you set up your savings account in the same bank as your checking account, you can simply transfer the money between accounts.

Lower as Many Monthly Expenses as Possible

Do you get to the end of the month and wonder where all your money went? Take a close look at your bank statement. You’ll discover that a lot of your money went to lots of small purchases. It’s not the big ones (rent, car payment) that break the bank, and besides, these are unavoidable. Many expenses are avoidable, though. So cook instead of ordering take out. Make a few large shopping trips instead of many small ones. You’ll have less opportunity to pick up items you don’t need. Instead of going out, stay in with a good movie and a few friends. You’ll have just as much fun.

Save Windfalls 

Windfalls can come in many forms. A large tax rebate, an unexpected inheritance. Although it may be tempting to splurge with this money, placing it in your dedicated savings account can go a long way toward helping you save the money you need for a down payment.

It Will Be Worth it

Saving money for a down payment on your new home in Riverside, CA may seem overwhelming, but if you follow the action plan we have outlined here, it will be easier, and will happen more quickly, than you thought possible. So go ahead and take the plunge; just make sure it’s a well thought out plunge. Buying a new house means building equity, and more importantly, it means building a home. Isn’t that something we all want?

Earth Day Begins at Home 

Tomorrow is Earth Day. What can you do to celebrate this important day in your new house in Riverside, CA? Going greener is easy, healthy, and can actually be fun. Here we will show you five ways to go green. The easy stuff is recycling and reducing paper waste. The fun stuff is planting a sustainable garden, installing tech home controls, and making your own household cleaners.


Use Renewable Goods Instead of Disposable

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Replace any disposable goods with renewable ones. Buying rechargeable batteries not only reduces the impact batteries have on our landfills, but it will save you a whole lot of money. Those of you who have children, with their multiple battery-guzzling gadgets, will really appreciate this one.


Cut Down on Paper Use

Reduce paper waste by using dishes instead of paper plates. It means washing more dishes, but the benefit to the Earth and your wallet will make up for it. Use reusable bags, towels, and cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Set up online bill pay through your bank or individual service providers. Not only will this reduce the amount of mail accumulating in your mail box, but it will allow you to pay your bills with a click of a button. After all, writing and mailing checks is so yesterday!


Plant a Sustainable Garden

Now on to the fun stuff. Make use of the big yard in your new house in Riverside, CA by planting a sustainable garden. Sustainable gardening means using native plants, shrubs, and trees to create beautiful landscapes while feeding your family fresh, organically-grown fruits, herbs, berries, and vegetables. Here’s how to plant a sustainable garden: use compost; dig in the dirt and pull weeds rather than using chemical herbicides and toxic pesticides (you’ll find getting your fingers dirty to be very therapeutic!); grow drought-tolerant plants; save seeds from your plants for next season; use mulch or ground cover so your soil holds water. The best veggies and herbs for a sustainable garden are tomatoes, onions, leeks, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, peas, carrots, basil, parsley, and chives. To learn more, visit https://www.planetnatural.com/sustainable-gardening/.


Make Your Own Household Cleaners

For the health of your family and the health of our Earth, buy non-toxic household cleaners, or better yet, make your own. The simplest, and cheapest, ingredients work best. Chances are you already have all the right stuff: baking soda, unscented soap, lemon, Borax, white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and cornstarch. To learn how to concoct these ingredients into great cleaners, go to eartheasy.com/live_nontoxic_solutions.htm.


Install Tech Gadgets That Help Save You Money

We’ve saved the best for last. Who doesn’t love tech gadgets? More to the point, who doesn’t love tech gadgets that save you money? Install a home automation system to control lights and appliances in order to use less energy when you’re not home. For a list of the best tech home gadgets available today, visit https://www.cnet.com/topics/smart-home/best-smart-home-devices/.


Buy a House Built by KB Home

Whether you choose to take advantage of all the suggestions we’ve made, or none of them, you can still rest easy knowing you are making a difference for our Planet by living in a house built by KB Home. Every house KB Home builds is ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning it is kind to the Earth and easy on your wallet. Find out more here: www.kbhome.com/energy-efficient-homes. The things we’ve talked about today may seem like small contributions, but small things make a big difference when we all chip in.





spring cleaning

If you’re trying to get out of Spring cleaning, we have the perfect excuse for you: Spring home maintenance!  Although your new home in Riverside, CA may look great, there are plenty of ways to Spring it up a bit. We have compiled a few tips here to help you make your new home looks its very best, including painting, cleaning gutters, and landscaping. So read on, make a trip to Home Depot, and have fun sprucing up your house.

Add Color

Your new home won’t need a paint job for years to come, but what if you just want different interior colors? Go to your local paint store and choose the first colors that jump out at you. Have fun picking your colors. Choose bright colors for children’s rooms and paint ceilings a different color than the walls. This is your chance to be creative, so go for it. Next, prep for the job. Tape off edges; clean dirty surfaces so the paint can form a strong bond; prime and texture wall patches to avoid a blotchy finish; mix several colors of paint in a large bucket for a consistent color throughout the room; to avoid lap marks, roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge; paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls; let the paint dry, then cut the tape loose for a perfect edge.


Clean the Gutters

Cleaning rain gutters is an important part of Spring maintenance, as clogged gutters can cause a host of problems. The first step is to make sure you have a sturdy extendable ladder available. Once you have your ladder safely grounded, climb on up and begin. It’s best to use a small plastic scoop to remove gunk. Spare your lawn by dumping everything you clean out onto a plastic tarp. Once you’ve cleared the gunk, flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose. This is also a great way to spot leaks in your gutters.


Spring Landscaping

Now on to the fun stuff, landscaping. With just a little bit of prep work, you will be ready to plant a Spring garden and some colorful flowers. Start by raking the lawn to remove branches, debris, and leaves as these can suffocate the grass. Don’t be fooled if you can’t see any weeds, because this doesn’t mean they’re not down there just waiting to pop up. To prevent weeds from germinating, consider using an organic herbicide. Make sure you’re stocked up on garden tools, and get ready to plant. Certain vegetables and flowers are especially perfect for Spring planting. These include spinach, chard, lettuce, radishes, kale, and peas. Lovely flowers such as pansies, Christmas Rose, lilac, Acoma Iris, and grape hyacinth will reward you with splashes of color.

As you can see, adding some Spring pep to your new home in Riverside, CA doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Plus, it will get you out of Spring cleaning and give you a chance to enjoy the great Spring weather while allowing your imagination to flow freely.


Tech Out Your Spring Mountain Ranch Home

Congratulations on your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch! You now have a home with the latest homebuilding technologies. These include ENERGY STAR® certification, with the many energy-saving features ENERGY STAR® certification offers, as well as water-saving features such as water-conserving toilets. These are great for both the environment and your wallet, but right now we’re going to talk about technologies that you will have fun filling your home with. Here are five that we love:

  • Amazon Echo
  • BeOn Starter Pack
  • Scout Home Security
  • SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell
  • Nest Protect Second Generation

Let’s start with our personal favorite, Amazon Echo.  This is a central control point for all your smart phone gadgets. It has a voice-activated smart speaker and can stream music, including Pandora and Spotify, as well as podcasts. The kitchen timer feature and the ability to turn your lights on and off with your smart phone, just to name a few options, helps you create a connected home experience.  Here’s the CNET review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPqm0z53dbs

You want to feel secure in your home, and the next two gadgets will help you rest easy. First, the BeOn Starter Pack provides smart security lighting that you can communicate with through your smart phone. These LED light bulbs keep shining when the power goes out, turn on automatically when they hear the doorbell or house alarm, and memorize and replay your typical lighting patterns when you’re not home.

The second security system we found to be really cool is Scout Home Security. This DIY system is customizable, allowing you to build the perfect security setup for your needs. The system is built around a central hub to which you can add door and window sensors and motion sensors. It comes with an HD video camera and works on a mesh network so that all your components work together. It has an extended range up to 100 feet. The best part is the optional live monitoring that allows you to view whatever is going on inside your home through your phone.

The Sky Bell HD WiFi Video Doorbell may just be one of the smartest technologies we’ve seen to date. This is a smart doorbell with a 1080p resolution that gives you the ability to monitor the goings-on at your front door. We all know that burglars often ring the doorbell before deciding whether or not to enter your home. Imagine their surprise when your voice comes through the speaker at your front door! The best part? You don’t even have to be home to answer when the doorbell rings. The motion sensor alerts you when someone is at your door, so you know when someone is there before they even ring the bell. It records video and comes with free online video storage.

Finally, the Nest Protect Second Generation family of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is more fully-featured than any other such system on the market today. It can be battery powered or hard wired, depending on your level of installation expertise. If you have Nest Protect, Nest Cam, or Nest Learning Thermostat, these can be integrated with a smart phone app and even with third-party systems.

We want you to be safe in your new home. We also want you to have fun teching out your new home. Hopefully one, or all, of the nifty systems we’ve talked about here will set the techy in you in motion.



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