KB Homes to offer two new single family homes communities starting from the high $300,000s. The Grand Opening will be October 14, 2017 at 10:00am.

grand opening

We’re excited about Capistrano and Monterey

Spring Mountain Ranch and KB Home have partnered once again to build two excellent new home communities: Capistrano and Monterey in Riverside. The Grand Opening will be October 14, 2017 at 10:00am.

Beautiful homes in a picturesque setting

Distinctive homes, wide open spaces and mountain views: These are just a few of the wonderful qualities that make Spring Mountain Ranch such a special place to live. Blue Mountain lies to the north and Box Springs Mountain to the south. There just aren’t too many communities in the Inland Empire set against such a stunning backdrop.

Two amazing new neighborhoods

In addition to its picturesque location, Capistrano and Monterey at Spring Mountain Ranch offer community amenities for the entire family: a basketball court, sand volleyball court, BBQ and picnic areas, and six miles of hiking trails. The quiet streets are tucked away from high traffic areas, yet conveniently located close to downtown Riverside. The first two neighborhoods at Spring Mountain Ranch, Mission Gate and Presidio Point, are already sold out, and Capistrano and Monterey are selling quickly.


Capistrano home 3

This neighborhood is built in Spanish and Spanish Colonial architecture and offers six one- and two-story models ranging in size from 2,329-3,734 square feet. The homes feature three to six bedrooms, 2-4.5 baths, two- to three-car automatic garages, and open floor plans. Standard features include granite kitchen countertops, nine-foot first-floor ceilings, and tankless water heaters. Like all homes built by KB Home, they are ENERGY STAR certified. Prices start in the $400,000s.


Capistrano home 5


The Spanish architecture in this neighborhood is set in six one- and two-story models ranging from 1,575-2,772 square feet. The homes offer three to six bedrooms, 2-3 baths, two- to three-car automatic garages, and open floor plans. Like Capistrano, granite kitchen countertops, nine-foot first-floor ceilings, tankless water heaters, and ENERGY STAR certification are standard. Prices start in the $300,000-$400,000s.

Come out and see us

Come out and explore Capistrano and Monterey during the Grand Opening on October 14th, 2017.  We want to share our excitement about the new homes and new neighborhoods we’ve built, so we hope to see you there.

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One of the best things about new construction is that you get to build a  new home for the life you want to live.  At Spring Mountain Ranch in Riverside, we want to help you build that dream.

Because California has one of the best climates in the world,  today’s focus is on extending living space to your backyard. Whether you’re entertaining, catching up on R&R or dining outside, here are some fun ideas for creating indoor/outdoor space for your new home in Riverside, CA.

Function Leads Form

Before you decide how you’re going to decorate your backyard, think about what you plan to do most outdoors. If you like dining al fresco, make sure you have plenty of eating surfaces for your guests. If you want to encourage conversation, create seating alcoves with lots of comfy chairs. Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? It’s easier and not as expensive as than you think. There’s no need for electrical or plumbing installation. Just purchase a pre-made outdoor grill island. Some even come with stoves.

Know Your Style

Design your backyard the way you want it to look. There are so many styles to choose from: Mediterranean, California Contemporary, English Garden, or Beach Chic. Better yet, create a mix of a few different designs and make your backyard unique and all about you. Check out this link for some ideas: www/housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/outdoor-ideas/g1243/amazing-backyard-escapes-0512/?slide=3.

It’s all about Comfort

The more comfortable you make your backyard, the more time you will want to spend there.

During summer you’ll need shade, so install a canopy or slide shade, put up a few large, colorful umbrellas, or build a simple yet elegant pergola. Once the temperatures start to drop your guests can still hang out outside. Buy a stand-alone propane gas heater, or if you prefer a do-it-yourself project, build a fire pit by stacking landscape pavers on a level surface. Simple, inexpensive, and rustic.

Lighting is Everything

The right lighting can create any mood you want. From basic kerosene lanterns to apothecary bottles filled with lamp oil to shaded string lights, the atmosphere you are looking for can be easily achieved. This is one the kids can get involved with. Take them with you to an arts and crafts store and let them pick out whatever they want to make their candle out of: mason jars, tea candles, colorful marbles and stones. Then let their imaginations run wild. You’ll not only have lights, but you’ll also have conversation pieces. Here are some awesome and fun ideas for lighting up your backyard: www.marthastewart.com/275010/outdoor-lighting-ideas?slide=3380118.

Your Backyard, Your Style, Your Life

You’ve got lots of extra space in your spacious backyard at Spring Mountain Ranch and you live in the perfect climate for backyard entertaining. Now all you need to do is let your creative side take over and you’ll have a backyard that suits the life you want to live.




For those desiring a new home in Riverside, CA, Spring Mountain Ranch is the place to look. 

Partnering with KB Home to Build a New Community

Riverside County is one of the fastest growing counties in California, so it’s no wonder that KB Home, one of America’s top builders, chose to be a part of the creation of one of the best newest neighborhoods in Riverside. Families wanting to buy a new home in Spring Mountain Ranch will be proud not only of the house KB Home built for them, but also of the neighborhood Spring Mountain Ranch has created. Two of the communities, Mission Gate and Presidio Point, are already sold out, and the two new communities, Monterey and Capistrano, are selling quickly. This leads to the question, what makes Spring Mountain Ranch so amazing?

Beautiful Homes in a Picturesque Setting

There are plenty of great homes in Riverside, but few with the picturesque setting that is the backdrop of Spring Mountain Ranch. With Blue Mountain to the north and Box Springs Mountain to the south, the views from the homes at Spring Mountain Ranch are stunning. Hiking trails wind through the community. Open spaces abound. This is truly a place to get back to nature.

People are what make a neighborhood

A great neighborhood is more than just beautiful homes in a picturesque setting. It’s really about the people who live there. New families become new friends as they move into their new homes and watch their community come together. The wide sidewalks and quiet streets in Spring Mountain Ranch encourage residents to get outside, explore their community, and best of all, meet their neighbors. A strong community network, a feeling of belonging, and a sense of wellbeing is created when people build a community together.

A community designed around the people who will live there

Riverside, CA has the 12th largest population in California, and for good reason. The city has an eclectic downtown with plenty of great restaurants, some wonderful museums, and even a drive-in theatre. What drives many to live in Riverside, though, is the abundance of employment opportunities there. For teachers, there’s the University of California at Riverside. For healthcare workers, the acclaimed Loma Linda University Hospital is minutes away. The people who work in and around these major employment centers are the ones who make up a community like Spring Mountain Ranch, so we’ve designed it to be within reach of those it supports.

Peace and quiet

Picturesque surroundings and quiet streets are just part of what make Spring Mountain Ranch such a peaceful place to live. The community is tucked away from high traffic routes. It’s not a place cars cut though on their way to somewhere else. It really is the perfect setting: far enough from Riverside to be surrounded by the sounds of nature, but close enough to enjoy all the benefits of living in a city.

Spring Mountain Ranch: new homes, a new community, a new way of life

Finally you’ve found a place where you can enjoy a new way of living. A beautiful, spacious new home in a growing community is just what your family needs to grow, dream, and prosper.



No need to worry about soaring utility bills for your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch in Riverside this summer.  Your home is built by KB Home, one of the leaders in energy efficiency.


New construction by KB Home at Spring Mountain Ranch has energy efficient features built in.

Thermal enclosure systems with air sealing, quality insulation, and high-performance windows enhance comfort and lower utility bills, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that deliver more comfort, better moisture control, and improve indoor air quality. KB Home’s eDIFFERENCE program is a combination of distinctive details that deliver high energy and water efficiency, improved air quality, and advance technologies.

KB Home also offers the option to buy or lease a solar panel system on your new home, which we all know is a great source of energy savings. What’s better about your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch is that KB Home uses SunPower® solar panels, which produce 70% more energy over the first 25 years.

Your new home in Riverside is already designed to help you save energy and money. Here are ways make it even cooler.

Plant Trees

Trees are more than just beautiful to look at, they’re a great way to block the sun and cool down your house during summer. Plant a tree within 40 feet of the south side of your house or within 60 feet of the west side to block the most sun. Not only will you need to run the air conditioner less, but you’ll be contributing to the health of our planet. A tree planted on the west side of your house can reduce net carbon emissions from summertime electricity use by 30% over a 100-year period. The best trees to plant are those that grow quickly, are drought tolerant, and give a lot of shade. Some of these are Ginkgo Biloba, California Sycamore, California Oak, and Eldarica Pine.

Buy a Gas Barbecue

Grilling outside will go far towards keeping your house cool while cutting the energy cost of cooking in the house. So go to the Farmer’s Market, pick up some fresh veggies and grill them. Want to really go green? Eat more salads. They’re plenty green and don’t require a hot oven to prepare.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Turn the AC down and install a ceiling fan. The moving air evaporates moisture from your skin and creates a wind chill effect that keeps you cooler. Rotate the fan counter-clockwise to push cool air down to the floor. You don’t have to make yourself dizzy staring at the fan while it’s moving to figure out if it’s moving in the right direction. If you don’t feel air movement the fan is spinning clockwise.

Creating a Master Retreat in Your New Home 

The master bedroom in your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch is more than just a place to sleep, and perchance to dream. It is your retreat from the world after a long day. With a bit of imagination and not a whole lot of money you can create a dreamy oasis that you will look forward to escaping to all day long. We want to help you transform your bedroom, so we’ve put together a few tips.

Enjoy your view by making the most of your windows 

View from the Spring Mountain Ranch Master

Riverside is surrounded by mountains and granite outcroppings with high peak views of Box Springs Mountain, Blue Mountain, Mount Jurupa, and Mount Rubidoux. Those fortunate enough to live at Spring Mountain Ranch can enjoy these sights just by looking out the window. The breathtaking views should not be missed, so try this: Put up semi-sheer curtains and make the panels about four times the width of the window so they are deeply gathered. Place a lamp directly in front of, or close to, the window. This will allow you to see out, but won’t allow others to see in.

Create your own view with art 

Art has so many purposes. It’s nice to look at, lends a homey feel to your room, and best of all, it speaks to your soul. There’s no real art to choosing art (pardon the pun!). It doesn’t matter if you buy it at an art store, a local gallery, or an art fair. Only two rules need to be remembered when you pick out a piece. Do the colors work with your room décor, and more importantly, do you feel happy and peaceful looking at it? If you can answer yes to both questions snatch it up and hang it across from your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

Make your bathroom into a spa

Spas are wonderful places to get a massage, but aside from that, having a spa in your own bathroom is even better, for a few reasons. Professional spa services are expensive. Leaving the house after being out at work all day is not exactly inviting. And driving home while feeling completely relaxed after a trip to the spa? Not a great idea. So create your own spa at home with a few simple additions. Install dimming lights and a massaging shower head. Put together a meditation playlist on your phone and play it through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Finally, create ambience with aromatherapy and candles. You’ll never want to leave your bathroom.

The right bed is a must

Now that you’re saving all that money by eliminating the need for expensive spa trips, you can spend it on the most important piece of furniture in your house: your bed. A good night’s sleep is everything, right? So get the restful sleep your body and mind needs by investing in a quality mattress. They can be quite pricey, but most come with warranties of ten to twenty years. Check out this link of the ten best and worst mattresses on the market: www.bestmattress-brand.org/10-best-mattresses-of-2016-and-10-worst-rates-beds-avoid

Relax with the right sounds

Now that you have a nice comfy bed, the next step to a good night’s sleep is having something relaxing to listen to. Even the simplest music makes your brain work while it tries to follow the chord structure. A better solution is a sound machine. Sound machines are inexpensive and unobtrusive, and they offer a large variety of sounds such as ocean waves, chirping birds, and mountain brooks. If you want to shut out the world altogether you can even listen to white noise. Again, we’ve found a website with the ten best (but not worst!) sound machines out there: http://www.toptenreviews.com/electronics/family/best-sound-machines/.

Turn your bedroom into a master retreat

You worked so hard to buy a new house at Spring Mountain Ranch. Now it’s time to reward yourself by creating a space in your beautiful new home where you can shut out the world whenever you want. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with a good mattress, because your bed is the most important part of your bedroom, and go from there. You’ll have that oasis before you know it.

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