Tech Out Your Spring Mountain Ranch Home

Congratulations on your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch! You now have a home with the latest homebuilding technologies. These include ENERGY STAR® certification, with the many energy-saving features ENERGY STAR® certification offers, as well as water-saving features such as water-conserving toilets. These are great for both the environment and your wallet, but right now we’re going to talk about technologies that you will have fun filling your home with. Here are five that we love:

  • Amazon Echo
  • BeOn Starter Pack
  • Scout Home Security
  • SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell
  • Nest Protect Second Generation

Let’s start with our personal favorite, Amazon Echo.  This is a central control point for all your smart phone gadgets. It has a voice-activated smart speaker and can stream music, including Pandora and Spotify, as well as podcasts. The kitchen timer feature and the ability to turn your lights on and off with your smart phone, just to name a few options, helps you create a connected home experience.  Here’s the CNET review:

You want to feel secure in your home, and the next two gadgets will help you rest easy. First, the BeOn Starter Pack provides smart security lighting that you can communicate with through your smart phone. These LED light bulbs keep shining when the power goes out, turn on automatically when they hear the doorbell or house alarm, and memorize and replay your typical lighting patterns when you’re not home.

The second security system we found to be really cool is Scout Home Security. This DIY system is customizable, allowing you to build the perfect security setup for your needs. The system is built around a central hub to which you can add door and window sensors and motion sensors. It comes with an HD video camera and works on a mesh network so that all your components work together. It has an extended range up to 100 feet. The best part is the optional live monitoring that allows you to view whatever is going on inside your home through your phone.

The Sky Bell HD WiFi Video Doorbell may just be one of the smartest technologies we’ve seen to date. This is a smart doorbell with a 1080p resolution that gives you the ability to monitor the goings-on at your front door. We all know that burglars often ring the doorbell before deciding whether or not to enter your home. Imagine their surprise when your voice comes through the speaker at your front door! The best part? You don’t even have to be home to answer when the doorbell rings. The motion sensor alerts you when someone is at your door, so you know when someone is there before they even ring the bell. It records video and comes with free online video storage.

Finally, the Nest Protect Second Generation family of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is more fully-featured than any other such system on the market today. It can be battery powered or hard wired, depending on your level of installation expertise. If you have Nest Protect, Nest Cam, or Nest Learning Thermostat, these can be integrated with a smart phone app and even with third-party systems.

We want you to be safe in your new home. We also want you to have fun teching out your new home. Hopefully one, or all, of the nifty systems we’ve talked about here will set the techy in you in motion.