More people than ever are now running their own business or telecommuting. The floorplans at Spring Mountain Ranch are designed with flexible space to accommodate this new trend. Working from home has a lot of awesome perks: no sitting in traffic, making your own schedule, working in sweats (this one is our favorite!), and creating an office where you will love to work. The first three perks are effortless, and with the following tips, the last one can be too.

Be kind to your body with correct ergonomics

 It may be tempting to work on the couch, but your body will thank you for it if you don’t. Purchase a quality adjustable chair and a desk that is the perfect height so you don’t have too reach up or down to work. Use keyboard and mouse supports to take pressure off your wrists and hands. If there’s room in your budget, invest in an adjustable computer station that will allow you to stand up while you work.

Equip your office with everything you need to work efficiently

Having the right equipment will improve your work flow. You’ll need a quality printer with a scanner, file drawers to keep you organized, and plenty of storage space to prevent clutter. Place a few comfy chairs or even a small couch in your office to accommodate guests or for those times you need a cushy place to do some brainstorming.

Create space that feels good

Goodbye drab cuticles, hello inspiring work space! Choose your office décor with as much thought as you chose your home décor, and you will look forward to going to work every morning. Plants are a great place to start because they will soften the look of your office. Paint the walls with colors that energize you, like yellow or bright white. Adorn your walls with art. Position your desk in a way that allows natural light to flood your work space, and lets you enjoy the mountain views that surround Spring Mountain Ranch.

Let your personality shine

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, so design it to reflect your unique personality. Check out websites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration, or just let your creativity guide you. This is your space, so make it all about you.

Dream home, dream home office

You have your dream home and your dream job, now it’s time to create your dream home office. Use our tips to help you make yet one more dream come true!

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