One of the best things about new construction is that you get to build a  new home for the life you want to live.  At Spring Mountain Ranch in Riverside, we want to help you build that dream.

Because California has one of the best climates in the world,  today’s focus is on extending living space to your backyard. Whether you’re entertaining, catching up on R&R or dining outside, here are some fun ideas for creating indoor/outdoor space for your new home in Riverside, CA.

Function Leads Form

Before you decide how you’re going to decorate your backyard, think about what you plan to do most outdoors. If you like dining al fresco, make sure you have plenty of eating surfaces for your guests. If you want to encourage conversation, create seating alcoves with lots of comfy chairs. Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? It’s easier and not as expensive as than you think. There’s no need for electrical or plumbing installation. Just purchase a pre-made outdoor grill island. Some even come with stoves.

Know Your Style

Design your backyard the way you want it to look. There are so many styles to choose from: Mediterranean, California Contemporary, English Garden, or Beach Chic. Better yet, create a mix of a few different designs and make your backyard unique and all about you. Check out this link for some ideas: www/

It’s all about Comfort

The more comfortable you make your backyard, the more time you will want to spend there.

During summer you’ll need shade, so install a canopy or slide shade, put up a few large, colorful umbrellas, or build a simple yet elegant pergola. Once the temperatures start to drop your guests can still hang out outside. Buy a stand-alone propane gas heater, or if you prefer a do-it-yourself project, build a fire pit by stacking landscape pavers on a level surface. Simple, inexpensive, and rustic.

Lighting is Everything

The right lighting can create any mood you want. From basic kerosene lanterns to apothecary bottles filled with lamp oil to shaded string lights, the atmosphere you are looking for can be easily achieved. This is one the kids can get involved with. Take them with you to an arts and crafts store and let them pick out whatever they want to make their candle out of: mason jars, tea candles, colorful marbles and stones. Then let their imaginations run wild. You’ll not only have lights, but you’ll also have conversation pieces. Here are some awesome and fun ideas for lighting up your backyard:

Your Backyard, Your Style, Your Life

You’ve got lots of extra space in your spacious backyard at Spring Mountain Ranch and you live in the perfect climate for backyard entertaining. Now all you need to do is let your creative side take over and you’ll have a backyard that suits the life you want to live.