Earth Day Begins at Home 

Tomorrow is Earth Day. What can you do to celebrate this important day in your new house in Riverside, CA? Going greener is easy, healthy, and can actually be fun. Here we will show you five ways to go green. The easy stuff is recycling and reducing paper waste. The fun stuff is planting a sustainable garden, installing tech home controls, and making your own household cleaners.


Use Renewable Goods Instead of Disposable

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Replace any disposable goods with renewable ones. Buying rechargeable batteries not only reduces the impact batteries have on our landfills, but it will save you a whole lot of money. Those of you who have children, with their multiple battery-guzzling gadgets, will really appreciate this one.


Cut Down on Paper Use

Reduce paper waste by using dishes instead of paper plates. It means washing more dishes, but the benefit to the Earth and your wallet will make up for it. Use reusable bags, towels, and cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Set up online bill pay through your bank or individual service providers. Not only will this reduce the amount of mail accumulating in your mail box, but it will allow you to pay your bills with a click of a button. After all, writing and mailing checks is so yesterday!


Plant a Sustainable Garden

Now on to the fun stuff. Make use of the big yard in your new house in Riverside, CA by planting a sustainable garden. Sustainable gardening means using native plants, shrubs, and trees to create beautiful landscapes while feeding your family fresh, organically-grown fruits, herbs, berries, and vegetables. Here’s how to plant a sustainable garden: use compost; dig in the dirt and pull weeds rather than using chemical herbicides and toxic pesticides (you’ll find getting your fingers dirty to be very therapeutic!); grow drought-tolerant plants; save seeds from your plants for next season; use mulch or ground cover so your soil holds water. The best veggies and herbs for a sustainable garden are tomatoes, onions, leeks, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, peas, carrots, basil, parsley, and chives. To learn more, visit


Make Your Own Household Cleaners

For the health of your family and the health of our Earth, buy non-toxic household cleaners, or better yet, make your own. The simplest, and cheapest, ingredients work best. Chances are you already have all the right stuff: baking soda, unscented soap, lemon, Borax, white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and cornstarch. To learn how to concoct these ingredients into great cleaners, go to


Install Tech Gadgets That Help Save You Money

We’ve saved the best for last. Who doesn’t love tech gadgets? More to the point, who doesn’t love tech gadgets that save you money? Install a home automation system to control lights and appliances in order to use less energy when you’re not home. For a list of the best tech home gadgets available today, visit


Buy a House Built by KB Home

Whether you choose to take advantage of all the suggestions we’ve made, or none of them, you can still rest easy knowing you are making a difference for our Planet by living in a house built by KB Home. Every house KB Home builds is ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning it is kind to the Earth and easy on your wallet. Find out more here: The things we’ve talked about today may seem like small contributions, but small things make a big difference when we all chip in.