No need to worry about soaring utility bills for your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch in Riverside this summer.  Your home is built by KB Home, one of the leaders in energy efficiency.


New construction by KB Home at Spring Mountain Ranch has energy efficient features built in.

Thermal enclosure systems with air sealing, quality insulation, and high-performance windows enhance comfort and lower utility bills, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that deliver more comfort, better moisture control, and improve indoor air quality. KB Home’s eDIFFERENCE program is a combination of distinctive details that deliver high energy and water efficiency, improved air quality, and advance technologies.

KB Home also offers the option to buy or lease a solar panel system on your new home, which we all know is a great source of energy savings. What’s better about your new home at Spring Mountain Ranch is that KB Home uses SunPower® solar panels, which produce 70% more energy over the first 25 years.

Your new home in Riverside is already designed to help you save energy and money. Here are ways make it even cooler.

Plant Trees

Trees are more than just beautiful to look at, they’re a great way to block the sun and cool down your house during summer. Plant a tree within 40 feet of the south side of your house or within 60 feet of the west side to block the most sun. Not only will you need to run the air conditioner less, but you’ll be contributing to the health of our planet. A tree planted on the west side of your house can reduce net carbon emissions from summertime electricity use by 30% over a 100-year period. The best trees to plant are those that grow quickly, are drought tolerant, and give a lot of shade. Some of these are Ginkgo Biloba, California Sycamore, California Oak, and Eldarica Pine.

Buy a Gas Barbecue

Grilling outside will go far towards keeping your house cool while cutting the energy cost of cooking in the house. So go to the Farmer’s Market, pick up some fresh veggies and grill them. Want to really go green? Eat more salads. They’re plenty green and don’t require a hot oven to prepare.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Turn the AC down and install a ceiling fan. The moving air evaporates moisture from your skin and creates a wind chill effect that keeps you cooler. Rotate the fan counter-clockwise to push cool air down to the floor. You don’t have to make yourself dizzy staring at the fan while it’s moving to figure out if it’s moving in the right direction. If you don’t feel air movement the fan is spinning clockwise.